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Primary Areas of Interest

Microbial bioprocessing for sustainable agriculture

We aim to identify and improve different microbial strains, including bacteria, oleaginous fungi and microalgae, as microbial cell factories for sustainable agricultural development. For this purpose, in addition with standard molecular biology techniques, we are utilizing flow cytometry-based high-throughput screening methods, and different “omics' tools.

Endangered medicinal plants

We aim to utilize modern biotechnological approaches to obtain better scientific knowledge about the endangered medicinal plants for the creation of sustainable protection and development methodologies that are specific for the endangered medicinal plants.

Agricultural waste management

We aim to utilize locally available agricultural waste materials for the production of beneficial products. For this purpose, we process different types of agricultural wastes with microorganisms. We are also focused on developing bioprocess methods suitable for processing agricultural wastes at large-scale level.

ongoing research project

CSIR-Focused Basic Research (CSIR-FBR) Grant 

PI: Dr. Natarajan Velmurugan
April 2020 – March 2023 (3 years)
Total Amount: INR. 114,70,000/-

Ongoing Research Project

DST-Scheme for Young Scientists and Technologists (DST-SYST) Grant

PI: Dr. Natarajan Velmurugan
August 2020 – August 2023 (3 years)
Total Amount: INR. 43,00,000/-


SERB-Early Career Research (SERB-ECR) Award Grant

PI: Dr. Natarajan Velmurugan
March 2017 – June 2020 (3 years & 3 months)
Total Amount:  INR. 44,00,000/-

DST-INSPIRE Faculty Project Grant

October 2015 – October 2020

PI: Dr. Natarajan Velmurugan
October 2015 – October 2020 (5 years)
Total Amount: INR. 35,00,000/-

Contact us for more information about our research.

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